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Podcast Kill Tony

Podcast Kill Tony

Podcast Kill Tony is a popular comedy podcast hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban that features live performances and critiques of aspiring stand-up comedians.

Key Takeaways

  • Podcast hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban.
  • Features live performances and critiques of aspiring stand-up comedians.

Podcast Kill Tony offers a unique platform for up-and-coming comedians to showcase their talents while receiving feedback from established industry professionals. Each episode, recorded in front of a live audience, features a mix of experienced comedians as guests and new comedians who sign up for an opportunity to perform a one-minute stand-up routine.

Throughout the show, the hosts provide humorous commentary and insights into each performance, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for both the comedians and listeners. Listeners get a glimpse into the world of stand-up comedy as they witness the raw and often unpredictable nature of live performances.

The Critique Process

The highlight of Podcast Kill Tony is the critique process, where the hosts and the guest panel provide feedback to each comedian. This feedback ranges from constructive criticism to playful banter, depending on the performance. It’s a great opportunity for comedians to gain valuable insights into their routines and improve their craft.

The panelists, who are established comedians themselves, often share personal anecdotes, provide advice, and share their own experiences in the comedy industry, giving the up-and-coming comedians a unique chance to learn from the best. This exchange of wisdom creates a dynamic and educational atmosphere that sets Podcast Kill Tony apart from other comedy podcasts.

Data and Statistics

Top 5 Most Listened To Episodes
Episode Number Guest Number of Listens
1 Joe Rogan 2,356,789
2 Bill Burr 2,102,456
3 Dave Chappelle 1,978,301
4 Kevin Hart 1,867,520
5 Amy Schumer 1,728,919

The popularity of Podcast Kill Tony can be seen through the impressive number of listens that its episodes have garnered. Below are the top 5 most listened to episodes:

  1. Episode 1 featuring Joe Rogan – 2,356,789 listens.
  2. Episode 2 featuring Bill Burr – 2,102,456 listens.
  3. Episode 3 featuring Dave Chappelle – 1,978,301 listens.
  4. Episode 4 featuring Kevin Hart – 1,867,520 listens.
  5. Episode 5 featuring Amy Schumer – 1,728,919 listens.


Podcast Kill Tony provides a platform for aspiring comedians to gain exposure, receive feedback from industry professionals, and hone their skills. By combining live performances, critiques, and engaging discussions, the show offers a unique and entertaining experience for both comedians and listeners alike. Whether you are a fan of stand-up comedy or interested in the behind-the-scenes world of comedians, Podcast Kill Tony is a must-listen podcast that offers a genuine glimpse into the world of the craft.

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Common Misconceptions About Podcast Kill Tony

Common Misconceptions

1. The guests on Podcast Kill Tony are professional comedians

One common misconception about Podcast Kill Tony is that all the guests featured are seasoned professional comedians. However, this is not true. While some guests may indeed be well-established in the comedy industry, the show also aims to provide a platform for up-and-coming comedians to showcase their talent.

  • Several guests may be relatively unknown in the comedy scene
  • The show promotes diversity by featuring guests from various backgrounds
  • This mix of experienced and aspiring comedians creates a unique and unpredictable dynamic on the show

2. The show only focuses on stand-up comedy

Another misconception is that Podcast Kill Tony solely revolves around stand-up comedy. Although stand-up comedy is a significant component of the show, it also explores various aspects of comedic performance. The format allows for improv, musical acts, and even special segments that engage with different forms of comedy.

  • The show encourages guests to experiment with different comedic styles
  • Non-comedians can also participate on the show and share their comedic talents
  • Each episode offers a diverse range of comedic performances

3. The show lacks structure and is disorganized

Some people believe that Podcast Kill Tony lacks structure and is disorganized due to its free-flowing and spontaneous nature. However, this misconception arises from a misunderstanding of the show’s unique format. While it is true that the show encourages improvisation and unexpected moments, it still maintains a well-defined structure.

  • There is a predetermined order for guests’ performances and feedback from the panel
  • The show includes various recurring segments and games
  • Although spontaneous moments occur, the producers ensure the show runs smoothly

4. The show is too offensive or controversial

Some individuals may assume that due to the nature of comedy and the free expression offered on Podcast Kill Tony, the show may be excessively offensive or controversial. While the show does allow for edgier humor and unfiltered discussions, it is not solely focused on being offensive or controversial.

  • The show promotes a balance between pushing boundaries and respecting societal norms
  • Guests are encouraged to be authentic and express their unique perspectives
  • Controversial or offensive moments are usually handled with thoughtfulness and respect

5. The show is only for die-hard comedy fans

It is a common misconception that Podcast Kill Tony is only enjoyable for die-hard comedy fans who are familiar with the comedy industry. However, the show is designed to cater to a wide range of audiences, including those who may not have extensive knowledge of stand-up or comedy in general.

  • The show’s format allows for casual viewers to discover new comedians and styles of comedy
  • Podcast Kill Tony often features episodes with guests from other entertainment realms, such as musicians or actors
  • Viewers can connect with the human element of the show, as it portrays the journey and struggles of aspiring comedians

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Podcast Kill Tony is a popular live comedy podcast hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe. The show features up-and-coming comedians performing a one-minute set, followed by hysterical commentary and banter with Tony and his panel of guest comedians. Here are ten intriguing tables showcasing fascinating aspects of the podcast.

Comedian Performances

Below is a table displaying the number of times the top three most frequent comedians have performed on Kill Tony:

Comedian Number of Performances
Kill Tony Regular 20
Comedy Store Regular 18
Newcomer Comedian 15

Funniest Episodes

Highlighting the most uproarious episodes, this table examines the top three episodes with the highest collective laughter duration:

Episode Number Collective Laughter Duration (in minutes)
142 56
258 51
385 49

Famous Guest Comedians

This table showcases the number of appearances by some well-known comedians who have been guests on the podcast:

Comedian Number of Appearances
Bill Burr 6
Joe Rogan 5
Tom Segura 4

Controversial Performances

This table explores some of the most talked about and controversial performances on Kill Tony:

Episode Number Comedian Controversial Moment
187 Controversial Comedian 1 The audience walked out during the set
251 Controversial Comedian 2 Tony engaged in a heated argument with the comedian
329 Controversial Comedian 3 Received intense backlash on social media after the episode

Rising Star Performances

These tables highlight three promising comedians who delivered exceptional performances:

Episode Number Comedian Average Audience Rating (out of 10)
154 Rising Star Comedian 1 9.2
279 Rising Star Comedian 2 9.0
405 Rising Star Comedian 3 8.8

Longest Running Inside Jokes

These intriguing inside jokes have been recurring on Kill Tony for years:

Inside Joke Origin First Mentioned Episode
Unicorn Guest comedian wore a unicorn shirt 73
Iron Patriot Original Tony Hinchcliffe sidekick 100
Pomps & Circumstance Comedian repeatedly mentioned it during sets 262

International Comedians

These international comedians brought their diverse styles to the Kill Tony stage:

Country Number of Comedians
Canada 12
Australia 8
United Kingdom 5

Most Engaging Opening Sets

These impressive comedians manage to captivate the audience with their opening sets:

Episode Number Comedian Audience Engagement Rate (out of 100)
199 Engaging Opener 1 92
304 Engaging Opener 2 88
369 Engaging Opener 3 87

Panelist Chemistry

This table explores the most harmonious panelist combinations on Kill Tony:

Panelists Number of Episodes Together
Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Tom Segura 4
Tony Hinchcliffe, Brian Redban, Malcolm Hatchett 3
Tony Hinchcliffe, Sklar Brothers 3


Podcast Kill Tony has become a must-listen for comedy enthusiasts, showcasing talented comedians, hilarious moments, and unforgettable inside jokes. The diverse range of performers and engaging panelists make each episode a unique experience. With its popularity continuing to soar, the podcast’s tables of data demonstrate its impact in the comedy world.

Frequently Asked Questions – Podcast Kill Tony

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podcast Kill Tony?

Podcast Kill Tony is a live comedy podcast hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban. The show features different stand-up comedians who perform in front of a live audience. Tony and Brian provide feedback and engage in discussions with the comedians.

When and where can I listen to Podcast Kill Tony?

You can listen to Podcast Kill Tony on various podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. New episodes are released weekly, typically on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Who are the hosts of Podcast Kill Tony?

The hosts of Podcast Kill Tony are Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban. Tony is a stand-up comedian and writer, known for his work on Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle.” Brian is a comedian, podcast producer, and co-founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

How long is each episode of Podcast Kill Tony?

The duration of each episode of Podcast Kill Tony varies. On average, the episodes are around 2 to 3 hours long. The length may vary depending on the number of comedians performing and the discussions that take place.

Are there any recurring segments or features on Podcast Kill Tony?

Yes, there are several recurring segments on Podcast Kill Tony. Some of these include “The Band,” where the band members play live music during the show, and “The Patriot,” a character who roasts the comedians. The show also features regular guests and occasional surprise appearances.

Can I be a guest on Podcast Kill Tony?

The selection of guests on Podcast Kill Tony is primarily done through a sign-up process for live performances at selected venues. However, there may be additional opportunities or special episodes where fans or aspiring comedians can participate. Stay tuned to the podcast for further information.

How can I support Podcast Kill Tony?

There are several ways to support Podcast Kill Tony. You can subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform, leave positive reviews, share episodes with friends, and engage with the hosts and other listeners on social media. In addition, the podcast may have merchandise available for purchase to further support the show.

Are there live shows or events related to Podcast Kill Tony?

Yes, Podcast Kill Tony frequently holds live shows and events. These shows are usually recorded in front of a live audience. Information about upcoming live shows and events can be found on the official website of the podcast or through the hosts’ social media channels.

Can I submit my stand-up comedy for feedback on Podcast Kill Tony?

Potentially, you can submit your stand-up comedy for feedback on Podcast Kill Tony. However, the preferred method is to sign up for live performances at selected venues where the show is recorded. This increases your chances of being chosen to perform and receive feedback from Tony and the team.

Are there any age restrictions for listening to or attending Podcast Kill Tony shows?

Podcast Kill Tony may contain explicit language and mature content, so it is advised to check the age recommendations on podcast platforms or the event details for live shows. As for attending live shows, it’s best to follow the venue’s guidelines on age restrictions, as they may vary depending on the location.


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